Ancol High Visibility Blinker


Specially developed to provide increased visibility whilst ensuring a compact and convenient design, the Ancol High Visibility Blinker has been carefully crafted to improve the safety of you and your dog while you are out and about, ideal for low light conditions and late night walks. A functional accessory that can be applied to numerous materials and objects, the Ancol High Visibility Blinker is extremely versatile, great for dogs and their owners that love to be outdoors. Instantly improving the safety and visibility of you and your dog, it is a small but bright blinker light that can be wrapped around a collar, lead, bag, belt and more, providing instant illumination to make your dog, or you, unmissable.  A water resistant design ensures suitability for all weather conditions and adventures, it has been designed with high durability, ensuring long lasting efficient use every time. An ideal walking or training accessory for darker nights and mornings, the Ancol High Visibility Blinker features three different light settings, easily interchangeable to suit your needs. Choose from two flashing settings, and one steady light setting. Developed with a replaceable battery for convenience, it ensures you and your dog remain visible at all times when you are out and about, helping to keep you safe and seen by passers by, other dog walkers, road users, and more. Soft and compact, it meets the varying needs of dogs and their owners, available in three colours and providing an essential accessory for those that adventure in low light conditions.