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We cannot stress the importance of toys for your dog; comfort cuddlies, brain boosting interactive games, balls, tuggy toys and toys to chew safely. Dogs thrive on the stimulation they get from playing with you, other pets & children or by themselves. It eases boredom and separation anxiety and helping with teething. Most of all toys allow your dog to have fun.

Interactive games are challenging and more time consuming. We have games for all levels. In addition, we have lickimats and fleecy sniff mats.

We have a great range of KONG toys, the classic range includes the traditional KONG that you fill, which can also be frozen to make it last longer. They come in Puppy, Senior, Classic and Extreme for those tough chewers. We have the Easy Treats and Snacks to help fill them and the brand-new Marathon, a meat free chewy plug which comes in 2 tasty flavours. In addition, we have a large range of tug toys and cuddlies, some which have rope centres making them sturdier.

We are big fans of HuggleHounds and have a large range, tougher than the everyday soft toy, with Tuffut technology and knotted limbs.


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