The Canny Collar


The Canny Collar is a dog training collar, not a restraining collar, ensuring that your dog can open their mouth and breathe naturally during their walking training, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets. Voted ‘Best New Product’ by the UK pet industry when first launched, the Canny Collar is simple to fit, easy to use, kind, safe, comfortable and effective. The unique, patented ‘behind-the-head’ design means the Canny Collar does not ride up into your dog’s eyes nor yank their head to one side, both of which will cause them distress, discomfort, and which could damage their neck. It can be used in both ‘training collar mode’ and ‘regular collar mode’ by easily dropping the slip line (nose band) off your dog’s nose as needed. This way, you can train your dog to eventually walk on a regular collar and lead. Because the Canny Collar fastens behind the head and not under the chin, your dog cannot lift their paw over their lead and pull the collar off their head. Even if they manage to get a claw into the slip line and pull it off their nose, your lead is still secured to the D rings and so they cannot escape. The nickel-plated steel buckle provides added reassurance and ensures a secure fastening that will never snap free. This means your dog is always safe, avoiding any potential danger for both of you.