Animology Puppy Fresh Deodorising Spray 250ml


Puppy Fresh is a deodorising, vitamin enriched puppy spray that helps to reduce odour and keep your puppy’s coat fresh, clean, and healthy between washes. Contains a deodorising formulation, built in conditioner, and an infusion of Animology’s ‘puppy’ scent for a fresh smelling, healthy coat.

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Animology's Puppy Fresh is a deodorising puppy spray enriched with vitamins and conditioners to help maintain the condition of your dog’s coat. Infused with Animology's ‘puppy’ scent. this leave-on spray helps to reduce odour by combating it at the source, leaving your puppy smelling fresh and fragrant for longer. Each spray is also deodorising, helping to keep your dog’s coat fresher for longer between washes. All Animology leave-in dog sprays are vitamin and conditioner enriched to help maintain the health, strength and condition of your dog’s coat.