Pets & You Pet Hair Wash Bags 75 x 80cm


Meet the PowAir Jumbo Pet Wash Bag – the perfect solution to removing dog and cat odours from your pets accessories without causing damage to your washing machine from pet hair. This durable zip top bag is designed to handle a variety of pet accessories, ensuring that your pet’s belongings are thoroughly washed whilst also retaining all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle. At the same time a free flow of water still runs through the bag to clean your items.

With its robust construction and generous size, our Jumbo Pet Wash Bag brings both ease and efficiency.

Dimensions: Jumbo 75cm (W) 80cm (L)

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To use your pet hair protector, simply place the items that you wish to wash inside of the bag and pull it shut to ensure everything remains secure inside.

After washing – Any trapped hair inside your pet hair wash bag can be easily shaken out of the bag, ready for re-use. This product helps stop pet hair damage to your washer by preventing clogging in your washing machine filter, leaving your machine clean and free from pet hair for subsequent laundry. Remove cat and dog odours with ease with help from PowAir when washing pet toys and accessories.

1. Remove any loose pet hair from the item.
2. Place inside the wash bag, do not overload.

Dimensions: 75cm (W) 80cm (L)
3. Add your detergent as normal, or for best results use a liquid detergent placed directly inside the bag.
4. Wash at the recommended temperature for the garment being washed. Do not exceed 45°C.
5. After washing, remove your item from the bag and dry as normal. If required, the wash bag can be tumble dried with the items inside.
6. Turn the bag inside-out, shake out ready for re-use.