TropiClean Perfect Fur Thick Double Coat Shampoo


TropiClean Perfect Fur Thick Double Coat Shampoo for Dogs is specially formulated for the double-layered fur of German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies, and other breeds with a short undercoat and longer overcoat. Shampoo for dogs who demand a double down on clean!
  • Freshens Coat – eliminates odours to give even the smelliest, dirtiest dogs a fresh, clean coat
  • Deep Clean – gently penetrates double coat to loosen and removed trapped dirt and debris
  • Reduces Shedding – gently exfoliates skin and loosens undercoat to reduce excess shedding while strengthening the hair follicle
  • Made in the USA – proudly manufactured using the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients
  • Sweet Citrus Fragrance

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