Proflax Tummy Tastic 350g


Tummy Tastic is a power-packed powder formula that supports a healthy balanced digestive system. It reduces stomach discomfort and inflammation, aids the absorption of nutrients and bolsters immune function. In dogs with pancreas problems their good gut bacteria levels are found to be compromised and Tummy Tastic will help to restore these levels. This blend is also ideal to use periodically as a preventative approach to keeping your dog?s gut healthy, balanced and strong.

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Ideal for dogs who are susceptible to tummy troubles, after antibiotics, taking medication, vaccines or a stomach-related issue. It can help to restore bacteria levels in dogs with pancreas issues and keep the immune system strong and functioning well. It is recommended to be used either daily or periodically, depending on the level of support required, to maintain the health of the gut and digestive system. Add to raw, wet or dry food. Feed according to your dogs needs, so either daily, every other day or periodically. We suggest a rest period of two weeks every three months if fed daily. Feed two hours either side of medication as Slippery Elm may affect absorption of certain types of prescribed medication. Store in a cool, dark, moisture free place.