Proflax Calm & Collected


Calm & Collected is a premium 100% natural holistic superfood supplement that will help to keep your dog calm and focused and wont cause drowsiness. Perfect for dogs who suffer with:

  • Anxiety, noise phobia, separation or social anxiety, and certain breeds that are simply more sensitive/nervous in nature
  • Rescue dogs or those that have been poorly treated that tend to be more anxious or have behavioural issues
  • Working dogs, such as those who compete in agility, fly ball or gaming sports, that can also feel the pressure and may get anxious before a competition or not travel well in the lead up to an event

This fabulous blend supports the health of all of the above organs and systems and contains 5 adaptogenic herbs that help support the body both physically and emotionally. The herbs in this formula have been selected by a holistic vet for maximum efficacy. In some dogs, visible health benefits can be seen in as little as 7 days! Feed 1ml to every 2kg of dog’s weight with your dog’s regular food once daily, or every other day depending on the level of support required. Shake well before every use and store in the fridge to maintain freshness.