Pet Remedy Party Season Survival Kit


Fireworks season might be fun for humans, but most pets aren’t too fond of it. Think of the the loud noises and flashes on Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve, as well as having visitors over. This can be incredibly stressful and sometimes even leads to hiding, incontinence, vocalisation (whining, meowing, barking) or destructive behaviour. Fortunately, Pet Remedy has assembled this complete Party Pack to reassure and calm your pet. The pack contains the following items: Pet Remedy Diffuser, Pet Remedy Spray and Pet Remedy Calming Wipes. These products all help in stressful situations like moving to a new place, an addition to the family, vet visits and other situations your pet considers stressful.


  • Pet Remedy Diffuser – Plug this item into the wall socket, in the room where your pet spends most of his time. It is suitable for an area of up to 60 square metres and works for up to 60 days. The content of the diffuser is evenly spread throughout your home and has an immediate effect. The active ingredients are made from naturally calming oils.
  • Pet Remedy Spray – Spray this calming product on your pet or in your pet’s surroundings like the bed, car or travel cage. The spray is safe to use on your pet’s skin and coat. It also has an immediate effect and you only need to spray once for the effect to last between 2-6 hours. The spray contains 15ml.
  • Pet Remedy Calming Wipes – Rub these wipes over your pet’s coat or your own hands. The wipes effect is noticeable right away, which makes them perfect to use on the go. Is your pet sensitive to sounds? Then the wipes are a good alternative to the calming spray.

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