Lintbells YuMOVE Dog Supplement


Keep your older or less active dog?s joints healthy with omega-3 & natural chondroitin from green-lipped mussels, combined in this YuMOVE nutritional supplement to promote cartilage health & mobility. It is clinically proven to have positive effects and is recommended by breeders and veterinarians, heralded as the number 1 British nutritional supplement for joint problems.


It contains highly-concentrated green-lipped New Zealand mussel extract in a ActivEase? complex, as well as other vital nutrients designed to keep cartilage healthy, joints supple and mobility high. Results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks.
This valuable Lintbells YuMOVE Dog supplement is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, ideal for relieving pain from stiff joints. The naturally high content of chondroitin helps maintain long-term cartilage health, while glucosamine helps protect it from abrasion. The manganese in this supplement helps build collagen in tendons and ligaments. Hyaluronic acid also has a positive effect on synovial fluid, offering relief within just 2 hours.