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There is huge controversy about whether dogs should wear clothes. Some think yes, some think no, me? Well I sit on the fence. I love the range of spangly collars and jumpers out there, for warmth and for cute factor of course! I feel Yoda is cute enough without clothes on but if it helps him (warmth/windproof/waterproof) then I’m all for it, and of course I’m going to have a bit of fun with it too!

Yoda is comfortable wearing clothes and LOVES the attention he gets from people when he wears them, he has even dressed up as Father Christmas to raise money for our local village sports centre, and who could dispute that?!

Vader is another example of why I am happy to promote clothing for dogs. Due to his three legs, the poor soul has developed a sore on his chest which four legged dogs are available to avoid by holding themselves with their extra front leg. Upon visiting the vets recently, they even recommended that he wear tshirts and jumpers with padding to avoid the carpet burn and rubbing which is causing the hair loss and sore patch.

So where do you find dog clothes? Well, that I will tell you, readers! As you all know we love our buddy Mugly and his Mum Bev, and she has recently started her own clothing company, Mutts-Nutts, finding the best items on the web for dogs of all shapes and sizes, at affordable prices and with some fabulous designs, fancy dress and more!

Unlike a lot of other providers who would perhaps order everything and anything for their store in the hope people might give them money for them, or try to force their own designs down your neck, Mutts-Nutts is quite clearly a family run company who’s sole intention is to find you the most wonderful outfits for various occasions for your pets. Whether you need a Muglysaurus costume (the evolution on purchase of which is classed as a YODASAURUS REX!!!), or a bumblebee raincoat, they have it all!

As mentioned above, Mutts-Nutts do not (as yet!) design their own clothes to sell to you, and that makes me feel more comfortable especially when trying a new business. They aren’t trying to force you to buy something of “theirs”.

The love between Mugly and Mum, Bev, is known, and seen by all, and when ordering from them you really feel as though that love extends to you and your pets. If Bev feels a size or style wouldn’t fit or suit your dog, she is happy to explain why not and when she can, recommend something similar and better suited. She has pet-care in mind at all times and her stock at Mutts-Nutts reflects that, all items providing complete comfort for your pets.

We knew Bev as a dog owner and lover before we experienced the gems of Mutts-Nutts and again that gives us huge confidence in buying from her, knowing that her goal is to dress the doggies of the nation in something that she herself would be happy putting Mugly, Millie and Eddie in.

We look forward to seeing more stock from Mutts-Nutts and know we will be buying lots more! Our only worry and request to MN though is… WHEN WILL YOU ADD A WARDROBE TO THE SHOP FOR US TO PUT ALL OF OUR MUTTS-NUTTS PURCHASES IN!?! hehe!!!

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